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Product Description - eCAMit PDA Phone
Just Plug the IP camera to your router and view it! No Tedious Setup! We also offer Plug and Play Wireless IP Cameras! ( various views>>> )

eCAMit PDA Phone is a quad band mobile phone with MS Mobile 6.0 OS, GPS and eCAMit Application Software to view 3JTech's IP cameras and video gateways. With eCAMit AP, you could view your home, office, shops, baby, etc while you are on the road. You will also be informed by SMS if you purchase the services from our Remote Camera Service Provider.

This Equipment is to mark with Approval Mark:
    Ec-r&tte Certificate Registration No.: U9M20707-8371-C

Brief Specification:
Processor: Marvell PXA270 + Philips Dragonfly SS6120 GSM/GPRS/EDGE
Quad-Bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Operation System: Windows mobile 6.0
Dispay: 3.2" QVGA 65k color TFT LCD, Touch Screen
Camera: 2M CMOS, Auto Micro
Wifi: 802.11b/g
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0
Communication: Support WAP/SMS/MMS

This Equipment is to mark with Approval Mark:
    Ec-r&tte Certificate Registration No.: U9M20707-8371-C

Product Description: GSM PDA Phone


    EN3 01 s1 | V9 .0.2($ tzA$),3 cpp TS51 . 01 0 _I v 7. 6.0( 06t2007\
    EN 300 328Vr.7.r (10t2006\
    EN3 004 40-U-2Vr.r.(20 7t2004)
    EN3014 89-U-V3 1.4.1(0 8t2002)
    EN3 014 89-U-V7 l.3.1( 11/200s)
    EN3 014 89-U-1V7t .2.r( 0st2002)
    EN6 0950-1:20+0 1A ll:2004
    EN5 0360E; N5 0361

Platform Marvell PXA270 + Philips Dragonfly SS6120
Network and radio type GSM/GPRS/EDGE
RF band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Phone factor Bar type classical Pocket PC
Size 121mm(L)x65.5mm(W)x16.5mm(T)
size while flip open/slide out N/A
Weight TBD
Display size/resolution/color 3.2" QVGA 65k color TFT LCD
Operating system Windows Mobile 6 professional
Input Handwriting and soft keypad
Memory 128MBytes DOC+64MBytes SDRAM
Memory card Micro SD
Camera 2M CMOS, Auto Micro
Multimedia Windows Media Player
Bluetooth(version, profiles ) Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
WiFi (802.11/a/b/g) 802.11b/g
VoIP over WiFi (SIP or UMA) Yes, SIP based
FM radio (antenna) Yes
Battery capacity 1500mAh
Talk time > 4 hours
Standby time >150 hours
Charging time < 4 hours
Product positioning High-End
Target market Global
Selling point 1 GPS navigation
Selling point 2 EDGE support
Selling point 3 3.2" QVGA 65k color TFT LCD
Reference ID
Keypads Windows Mobile standard

key on front left soft, right soft, send, end, start, ok, and5-way navigation buttons ( up, down, left,right, center )
side key left side: GPS, power; right side: volumn up,volumn down, camera
jogdial/wheel N/A
key on slide N/A
Touch panel
hard icons N/A
stylus Yes
Front Camera
focus adjust N/A
mirror N/A
flash light(LED or others) N/A
camera cover N/A
Rear Camera 2M CMOS
focus adjust Auto Micro
mirror N/A
flash light(LED or others) N/A
camera cover N/A
Network LED (color) Yes, red/green/blue
audio jack Yes
charger/external power USB charger
data USB
memory card Micro SD
external antenna/test point GPS external antenna
connector/jack cover N/A
Speaker(numbers,handfree) 1 speaker, support handfree
IrDA window N/A
Reset hole Yes
customer defined
windows mobile related
certificated logos
Lanyard hole Yes
ID/UI description Item
UI requirement
Special craft
Color schemes
Material requirement
Customer requirement
HW Description Item


Baseband NXP Dragonfly SS6120
Application Processor (MHz) Marvell PXA270 @ 416MHz
Radio type GSM/GPRS/EDGE
RF band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GSM voice Codec HR/FR/EFR/AMR
GPRS Class 10
Antenna1 GSM(Internal, PIFA)
Antenna2 Bluetooth(Internal, chip)
Antenna3 WiFi(Internal, PIFA)
Antenna4 GPS(active, with external antenna jack)
Antenna5 FM(external on headset)
system memory 128Mbytes DOC+64Mbtyes SDRAM
Extended memory(Max Micro SD , up to 2GByte
capacity)Storage space for user > = 50MB
main LCD(size/resolution/color) 3.2Inch 320*240
sub LCD N/A
LCDC/graphic accelator) N/A
Touch panel Yes
Camera 2.0M CMOS
TV output N/A
USB(OTG) USB 2.0 Full speed device, without OTG
Bluetooth(version) Bluetooth 2.0
WiFi IEEE802.11b/g
UART(RS-232) N/A
Other key components
SIM voltage(V) 3/1.8
Vibrator Yes
Keypad LED 6 White LEDs
Software Feature list Item
platform Windows Mobile 6 professional


target market1 English (Worldwide)Chinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)CzechDanishDutchPortuguese
( Portugal )Portuguese ( Brazil
Input Method
Text Input method Handwriting and soft keypad
Handwriting Input Yes
KeyPad Input N/A
Display Languages select one of 20 languages
Font Type TrueType
Voice call Yes
Video call N/A
Call waiting Yes,depend on network
Call transfer Yes,depend on network
Call Barring Yes,depend on network
Conference Call Yes,depend on network
Data Calls Yes, packet data and CSD data
Preset CLI Yes
Own Number Yes,Depend on the SIM Card
Voice Dial Optional
Speed Dial Yes
Smart Dial Yes


SIM Application Toolkit (STK) Yes
Emergency Calling and numbers Yes(read from SIM card first, then read from preset list)
Call history
Recent Calls Yes
Call Duration Yes
File system and storage management
File system FAT
user memory space(MB) > 55MB
Removable storage support Micro SD
database SQL CE
Schedule Yes
Task Yes
Calendar Yes
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Calculator Yes
Notes Yes
Dictionary No
Remote Synchronization PC sync, exchage serviece sync
Local Sync (PC Sync) Yes(Activesync or Windows Mobile DeviceCenter)
Bluetooth Application Generic Access Profile (GAP)Generic Object Exchange Profile (GEOP)Serial Port Profile (SPP)Dial-up Networking (DUN) ProfileHands-Free Profile (HFP)Headset Profile (HSP)Human Interface Device (HID) ProfileObject Push Profile (OPP)Personal Area Networking (PAN) ProfileActiveSync-Over-BluetoothAdvanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
Time Zone Yes
Office Mobile
Excel Mobile Yes
Word Mobile Yes
PowerPoint Mobile Yes
Outlook Yes
Messaging - SMS


SMS Concatenation Yes, default maximum length is following GSM spec
Send message at the same time No limitation
Insert template text type Yes, 9 build-in templates
SMS (Class) class 1, 2
Messaging - MMS
MMS Image Supported Format JPEG, GIF89a, GIF87, WBMP, JPG, BMP,PNG.
MMS Audio Supported Format AMR, MIDI , AAC, MP3, WAV.
Non SMIL Yes
MMS Total Size 300KB
E-Mail Client (IMAP, POP3,SMTP, MIME) Yes
Mail Total Size No limitation, depend on Flash size
Mail Text Size No limitation
Mail Text Decoding auto decoding,UTF-8,UTF-7,Unicode,etc
Mail Text Encoding auto encoding,UTF-8,UTF-8,Unicode,etc
Number of Messages Inbox No limitation, depend on Flash size
Number of MessagesOutbox/Draft No limitation, depend on Flash size
Attachment File Format Any
Attachment File Size No limitation
CC/BCC function Yes
Push E-mail
Always-on push email (IMAP 4& POP3, SyncML, SMTP) Yes
Seamless start-up and background execution Yes
On-screen indicator for incoming e-mail Yes
Attachment viewers for office file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Yes
Generic support for any file type as attachment Yes
IMPS(Instant Messaging and Presence Services ) Windows Live Messenger
OTA Provisioning Yes
OMA Client Provisioning 1.1


OMA Device Managerment 1. OMA Device Management 1.22. ActiveSync for local data synchronization3. Firmware OTA
WAP protocol stack WAP1.2/WAP2.0
WAP Push Yes
Bearer Auto Swtich Function Yes
WAP Download Function Yes
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile Edition
Language Multi-Languages
HTML HTML 4.01 /XHTML Basic/partly XHTML1.1
CSS CSS1/partly CSS2
DOM DOM level 0
Scripting Jscript 5.6 (ECMAscript3)
WML WML 1.3 for WAP content showing
XHTML Mobile Profile Yes
Embedded objects Microsoft ActiveX Java applets
Frame Iframes
SSL 2.0/3.0
Zooming Yes
File download Yes
Content caching Yes
Voice application
Voice Recorder/Memo WMV/MP4 (depend on video codec
Voice Command included)optional
Ring tone
Format Any supported audio format
numbers Depend on Flash size
Image Viewer
Thumbnail Display Yes
Save as Wall paper Yes
Caller ID Yes
Image Editor
Image Editor N/A
Format N/A


Photography Save Size 160*120320*240640*4801280*9601600*1200
Zoom 4 level digital zoom
Self Shoot Yes
Self timer (Ringing) Yes
Flash LED N/A
Camera in use Display LCD
Pre-view Display Yes
Shutter Sound 1
Saving Image Quality middle/fine/super fine
Environment Auto , Daylight , Fluorescent, Tungsten, Nigh t
Image Rotation 90 degree
Picture frame N/A
Filtering Modification Normal , Monochrome, nostalgic, cool, warm
Brightness setting 7 Steps
Flicker Control N/A
Link to Image viewer Yes
Preview Yes
Auto suspend 60s
Burst mode (Consecutive Yes
Shoot)Camcorder format MPEG4 ( .mp4 ) , H.263 ( .3gp )
Audio/Video playback
Media player Windows Media Player Mobile 10
Display size full screen
Audio playback format MP3, AAC/AAC+, AMR NB, ARM WB, WMA, MIDI
Audio output Stereo Headset, speaker, BT
Video playback format Windows Media Video+D13, MPEG4 Simple Profile, H.263
Video output LCD
Video playback capability max to 30fps
Multimedia steaming MMS/HTTP
Functions Play/Stop/Pause/Next/Previous/Mute/Volume control
IPv4, IPSec Yes
SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 Yes
Mobile VPN client Ipsec, PPTP


Themes Yes
LED control Yes
Contact Manager Yes
Master clear Yes
Packet Data Counters Yes
2D barcode N/A
Document Viewer (file viewer) Yes
Downloadable application support Marketplace
Gaming Yes
Customer requirement

*Specifications are subject to change without notice

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