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Plug & Play IP Camera Specification

General Specification for the Plug & Play
Plug & Play – no setup needed
Work for Dynamic IP and multiple cameras for single IP
Pop up automatically for PC and IP camera under the same router
Use Camera ID or Customer's Camera Name to link the camera

netCAMit 3.5 – wired IP camera
MJEPG: 16 fps (max)
Build in Web Server and 3JTech's proprietary P&P server
Power consumption: ~500 mA @ 5V
        10/100mbps Ethernet
        USB x2: for optional
                Bluetooth: connect to Devices with Bluetooth SPP profile, which could be security
                                    sensors or personal health
                WIFI: to turn it into WIFI IP Camera
        UART: for optional PSTN modem
        One digital input and one digital out

Available Sensors
               VGA/ QVGA/QQVGA
               1/5" CMOS
               Pixel Size: 4.5um x 4.5um
               Max Image Transfer Rate: 30 frames/sec (max)
               VGA/ QVGA/QQVGA
               1/4" CMOS
               Pixel Size: 6.0um x 6.0um
               Max Image Transfer Rate: 60 frames/sec (max)
               Sensitivity: 3.0 V/(Lux.sec)
               S/N: 50 dB
               Dynamic Range: 60 dB
               Scan Mode: Progressive
        Sony CCD (TBA)

               DVR with 3JTech's network attached hard disk (camDisk II)
               Event warning using sensors with Bluetooth (optional)
        Personal Health Management (optional)
               Turn into a Bluetooth Gateway for 3JTech's Personal Health Devices to send the data
                recorded to a Server
        PSTN Application with optional PSTN Modem
               Fax2e-mail (optional)
               Voice2e-mail (optional)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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