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Product Description - USB Hardware PSTN Modem

3JTech 56K USB modem solution _ uModem Single chip ZD1051 integrates DSP, controller and USB interface Power management chip ZD1056 supports USB bus-powered design

USB Hardware PSTN Modem

General Description

The highly-integrated ZD1051 56K USB modem chip uses only one DSP core, embedded in the ZD1051, to handle both the signal and protocol processing. No controller is needed for modem protocol handling. This kind of integration not only shrinks the modem chipset into a single chip but also improves hardware reliability and reduces the power consumption. An extremely small 128-pin TQFP package, 16x16 mm square, is easily fitted to any critical PCB design. The power dissipation of ZD1051 is less than 220 mW, ZD1051 is suitable for power-sensitive portable applications.

This solution also adopts the latest silicon DAA technology with programmable characteristics; this makes it possible to meet the world wide PTT certifications using a single hardware.

ZyDAS USB modem solution is the best choice for designing a 56K USB external modem.


  • USB external modem for Internet access
  • USB external modem for Internet games (PS2)


  • ZyDAS ZD1051 USB 56K modem data pump
  • ZyDAS ZD10591 USB 56K modem ROM code (optional)
  • Silicon Lab Si3034/Si3035 silicon DAA


  • Data mode
    - ITU-T V.90 / V.34 (33.6K) / V.32b / V.32 / V.22b / V.22 / V.23 / V.21
    - Bell 212A/ Bell 103
    - Error correction: ITU-T V.42 and MNP3,4
    - Data compression: ITU-T V.42b and MNP5
    - Industry standard AT command sets
    - Caller ID
  • FAX mode
    - ITU-T V.17/ V.29/ V27ter up to 14.4K bps
    - TIA class1/ 2/ 2.0 fax command sets
  • USB features
    - USB specification 1.1 compliant
    - power management: bus-powered, suspend mode supported
    - full speed 12 Mbps
  • System compatibility
    - Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows 2000
    - Macintosh MacOS.9.0
  • Voice features
    - Voice compression : 4-bit ADPCM
    - TIA IS-101 voice command set
    - TAM function
  • World wide homologation
    - FCC Part 68/ CTR21 versions
    - Programmable PTT parameters
  • Electrical characteristics
    - ZD1051
      Package: 128-pin TQFP, 3.3V/1.8V dual power mode, 3.3V for I/O pad and 1.8V for core

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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