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Product Description - netDVR

netDVR is used together with 3JTech's video gateway, veCAMit x4, to make a dual mode video recorder. The video gateway is used for live viewing and event recording at central site while the netDVR is used for continuous 24 hr recording. The user would log on to the central site to view the recorded images.

Fig 1: System configuration for veCAMit x4 and netDVR

Four BNC: for four channel video in
Four BNC: for four channel video out (e.g. to a four-channel video gateway)
DC Jack: for 12 VDC
One BNC: video out for four-in-one or single channel looping (live)
PS2: to connect mouse for using menus on local video monitor
RJ45: to connect to the router
USB: inside the housing using pin head for firmware update
NTSC/ PAL Selection: PCBA jumper pin
DC Jack: for 12 VDC
Features (We also offer servers for you to generate Recurring Revenues)
1) Four channel NTSC or PAL
2) Four-in-one video out
3) Image motion detection
4) Dynamic frame rate: e.g. one frame per second if no image motion is detected; fifteen frame per
     second (default six frame per second and half D1 size) if image motion is detected
5) Used with 3JTech's video gateway for plug and play with dynamic IP
6) Access through Internet with authentication
7) Replay/ Fast Replay/ Rewind/ Event Lists through Internet
8) View single or four channels at one time for live or four-in-one through Internet
9) Warning through e-mail or SMS for last time power failure, no Internet, video lost, hard disk access
     failure, and events
10) 3.5" IDE hard disk up to 500G
11) Automatic overwrite for image recording
12) Audio in/ out through PCB pin head J1

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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