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Product Description - wifiCAMit PT 3.5

wifiCAMit PT 3.5 , a color wireless Plug and Play IP camera by 3JTech. With proprietary wifiDHCP technology, it could also be plug and play with respect to Wifi setting if used with 3JTech's Dedicated Wifi Router (DWR). Just plug the wifiCAMit PT 3.5 directly into an Ethernet port of the DWR before installing the camera to the location you want, the router's SSID and encryption will automatically be loaded. You will be able to view the camera site in real time from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Through our RCS (Remote Camera Service) system, you will also be able to control the camera from any PC/Notebook/Mobile phone/PDA phone over the web browser and save the event images at the RCS site. Other services from RCS include:

   1) SMS/ MMS/ eMailing upon triggered
   2) HTTP Mobile phone flashing from the camera
   3) RTSP Streaming for the camera

General Feature:
  • Plug and Play, no set up needed
  • MJPEG video compression
  • Wireless (Wifi 802.11B/G/N, WEP, WPA, WPA2)
  • Remote Pan Tilt (P: 220oT:90o Speed adjustable)
  • IR night vision (Range: 5~10m)
  • Resolution:640 x 480(VGA), 320 x 240(QVGA)
  • Video Frame Rate:25fps(QVGA), 15fps(VGA)
  • Minimum Illumination:0.5Lux @ F2.0
  • Control P/T through IP network
  • Brightness and Contrast adjustable
  • Built-in 10M/100M auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet interface
  • Light Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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