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 Product Warranty Information
3JTech's hardware products are warranted to conform to the included user's documentation and to be free from defects in material and workmanship during the Warranty Period. The period is twelve (12) months with proof of purchase. Product support beyond this period may be available at additional cost. Please contact 3JTech for additional details.
Please have your dealer verify the following information and fax to +1-626-444-1543 or +886-2-2506-9793. Or you may scan this card and e-mail to: suport@3jtech.com
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   3JTech Product Registration
Product Name: netCAMit veCAMit peCAMit
wifiCAMit netCAMit_EoP wifiswitch_USB eCAMit_t
wifiCAMitDome netCAMit_CS Security Accessories Package
wifiCAMit_CS Other
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