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    What makes our IP cameras or Video Gateway unique?
  How we will ship your online purchase?
  How we provide customer service?
  How we guarantee your satisfaction?
  How you can make money from this website?
What makes our IP cameras or Video Gateway unique:
1) Use with dynamic IP
2) Use multiple cameras and/or video gateways for one dynamic IP
3) Connect to your cameras using an unique ID (MAC address) automatically
4) View the cameras from PC, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Java MIDP2.0 mobile
phone using a peer to peer connection
5) Data Encryption
6) Designed for Business Management to Market your Business provide Security


How we will ship your online purchase (Link to the following) ?
Depending on the language system on your PC, we will automatically pick the best location to ship the package. However, you could pick the location which you would like us to ship from. After you select the courier, he system will calculate the air freight according to weight and the zip codes of the shipping and the receiving address.


How we provide customer service (Link to the follows)?
1) We accumulate most of the frequent asked question. You could try to search your question and find the answer online
2) If you can't find your answer from the Q&A, just e-mail us or try to issue an online trouble ticket which will be answered within 24 business hrs. 3) If you buy through a registered local dealers, they will have the knowledge and training to answer your questions.


How we guarantee your satisfaction (Link to the follows)?
All merchandises sold are under 30 day money back guarantee and 2 year general merchandise warranty. Procedure for the money back returns:
. Issue an trouble ticket describing the reason why you want to return the merchandise.
. We will issue a RMA number.
. Ship back the merchandise to the address it was shipped from originally.
. We will credit back to your credit card for the exact amount which you paid for the goods not including the freight.


How you can make money from this website (Link to the follows) ?
If you are a dealer or installer, or if you are familiar with our plug and play package and would like to become a dealer or installer, you could apply to be a certified dealer or installer. Once you become an authorized dealer:

. You will get discounts and higher discounts for volume shipment.
. You will get a demo unit at 50% off or less than the suggested retail price and agree to open it to the public for visitors to view the camera online.
. We will advertise your address, phone number and e-mails on our website for customers who are closer to you.
.If you are an installer, we would post the standard price which you would like to charge the customers for installation and wiring.


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